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Hamsa Buvaraghan is a Indo-Canadian residing in Bay Area, California with her husband and two daughters. The idea for her book spawned from her experiences with Indonesian children when she volunteered with a Non-profit called Indonesia Street Children Organization. She writes multicultural fantasy exploring themes of racial diversity, family and friendship. Hamsa is a technology leader at Google and also writes business technology books. She holds a MBA Honors in Global Management and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering.

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The Secret of the
Kelimutu Volcano

The SECRET OF THE KELIMUTU VOLCANO is about a 10-year-old girl named Aisha who must stop the most powerful Volcano her town has ever seen, but before that she must overcome her fear and discover her full powers and true destiny.

If she fails, her town will perish, and her family’s magic will be lost forever.

The setting for the story is based on a real place named Moni, close to the Kelimutu Volcano in Indonesia.

#1 Top New Release

#1 Best Seller on Barnes & Noble  

#1 Top New Release  #1 Best Seller on Amazon

#1 in Children’s Multicultural folk tales
#1 in Children’s Asian Literature
#1 in Children’s Explore Asia books
#1 in Indonesia Books


Riya Sanjay

Riya is a sixth grader residing in Bay Area, California. Her interests include creative writing, piano (level 7), karate and basketball. In her free time she tinkers with STEM projects.

Eesha Sanjay

Eesha is a Junior High school student residing in Bay Area, California currently studying IB Diploma. She holds a black belt in Martial Arts. Her other interests include music – piano(level 10), creative writing, theatre. She is interested in pursuing Bio-Medical Engineering/Pre-Medicine.


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An engaging tale of a girl’s discovery of her power and calling... Amid this novel’s mystery and magic, details about Indonesian culture and tradition emerge against a beautiful island setting… A few pages feature exquisite illustrations of the characters and settings in vivid color, credited to JV Graphic Designing

Kirkus Reviews

Aisha lives in the shadow of an active volcano as well as in the shadow of her younger sister. Gripped by fear, Aisha battles against time to combat the curse that will destroy her village. Scorned by other villagers as a cursed child, will she find new friends amongst the new arrivals to the village? Can she find enough courage in time to save her village? This gripping story is shrouded in a mystical aura. The colorful setting and characters stand in ominous contrast to a sense of foreboding

Alison Monk Author of Noah’s Universe


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Frequently Asked Questions

The story setting is in a real place in a small town named Moni on the island of Flores in Indonesia. This town is at the foot of the Kelimutu Volcano.

The Kelimutu Volcano is a perfect setting for my story. On top of the Kelimutu Volcano there are three crater lakes. They are mysterious by themselves, each lake has a different color and their color changes.

I was able to bring in the Indonesian Culture , their traditional homes in the villages, the life of the Bajau the sea wanderers  I was able to bring in cultural and racial diversity in the characters with the story setting in Kelimutu.

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