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Persuasive Leadership

An Anthology by Hamsa Buvaraghan

According to DDI’s 2023 Global Leadership Forecast, Women are underrepresented in tech leadership roles, making up just 28% of leadership positions in the tech industry. This is a significant missed opportunity, as women bring valuable talent and perspectives to the table.

Hamsa Buvaraghan, a tech leader with over 20 years of experience, has consciously developed her management and leadership skills. In this book she presents her proven six-tenet framework for persuasive leadership and shares her insights and advice specifically for women in the tech industry.

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About the Book

Pivotal Leadership

Pivotal Leadership is a unique anthology that curates thought-transforming articles written by CEOs, entrepreneurs, and seasoned leaders themselves—no fuss and straight from the masters’ mouths! Discover their secrets on how to be effective leaders amid the toughest challenges wherein the toughest calls—the pivotal choices—have to be made, as well as gain refreshing insights on innovation and persuasion, all distilled from real-world experiences and business expertise and all poured into this book.

Through relatable advice and compelling examples, begin on a journey toward sustained success in all aspects of life. Whether you’re forging your own path or emerging as a leader, Pivotal Leadership equips you with the essential tools and wisdom to thrive in today’s ever-changing landscape. This invaluable resource acts as your personal mentor, guiding you toward self-discovery and achieving your leadership aspirations. Tap into your potential and make a lasting impact. Pivotal Leadership is your key to reaching new heights of leadership excellence!






Hamsa Buvaraghan is a Technology and Product Leader with over 20 years of experience building enterprise products and solutions. She has successfully led teams at Google, SAP, and Microsoft that span across multi-billion-dollar enterprise products, cloud services, around Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), Data Analytics, Databases and more. 

She is currently the Head of Google Cloud’s AI Solution team, where she is responsible for helping businesses solve their most complex problems using AI/ML. She is the former Director of Product Management for SAP Cloud Platform Analytics Services and prior to that led Product strategy/product management at Microsoft. She was also a Founder/CEO of Inoviva, a healthcare startup. 

Hamsa is a passionate advocate for using technology to make a positive impact on the world, and she is a frequent speaker at industry events. She is also a champion for Women leadership in technology. She holds a MBA Honors in Global Management and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The story setting is in a real place in a small town named Moni on the island of Flores in Indonesia. This town is at the foot of the Kelimutu Volcano.

The Kelimutu Volcano is a perfect setting for my story. On top of the Kelimutu Volcano there are three crater lakes. They are mysterious by themselves, each lake has a different color and their color changes.

I was able to bring in the Indonesian Culture , their traditional homes in the villages, the life of the Bajau the sea wanderers  I was able to bring in cultural and racial diversity in the characters with the story setting in Kelimutu.

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